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* Coating the surface static phosphating
* Low electricy use
* 2 mm thickness structure
*1400 rpm
* 130 W


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After years of repairing ,in 1981 we started producing home appliances . With regards to the technical information we had ,what we produced was warmly welcomed by customers in the market.

Since 1989 , depending on our experience any gathering information and visiting some world famous companies like Collector Co. in Slovani , we started the production line of DC Electro motors- (universal ) used in home appliances .

Now ,in the year 2012 ,we are successfully producing different kind of product such as Vacuum Cleaners ,Meat Grinder ,Juicer and Choppers ...

We are pleased to let you know that our researches have been successful in manufacturing Armatures used in Industrial Tools and in the coming future we are going to supply the market with them .




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